Capturing the Rainbow!

Capturing the Rainbow began as a daydream, then a passion, then a reality all brought about through years of pokes and compliments from my children and other dear friends. Why use a rainbow? The rainbow represents hope and courage that tomorrow will be a better day and today is better for the sight of it. My path in life is now obvious after many years and much trepidation it was always there. Working with the plants and sharing my grandmother stories for my family, those who come behind me and those who stand beside me. For after all it is the grandmothers that must lay out the rainbow carpet for those who follow.

The rainbow contains all that is needed to sustain plants and ourselves, sunshine and water for it’s these two elements that play a key role in our survival. We are fascinated by the sight of these colors that seem to pop out of nowhere. We can pick up our garden hoses and make a rainbow, instantly happy. The plants are a form of the stories we share from our distant path. Plants have kept our evaluation going forward. The first peoples shared that knowledge with their children and then those children shared with theirs and still share today. I am part of that network and have agreed to follow the same path.

Capturing the rainbow is about sharing knowledge and making it possible for everyone to be able to make choices that are best for their families and themselves. There is so much hype about “natural” products in our media and marketplace. We do what is best for our families by buying these “natural” products. Capturing the Rainbow is not about evaluating products. Instead it’s about making folks aware of the chemicals both good and bad that can be read on the labels. The labels themselves are coded messages. We are about breaking that code! Capturing the Rainbow means to capture the goodness and healing aspects of the plants without raping the earth in the process. It’s about reciprocity. We will research and capture the truth from science realizing that it's the fruition of what the elders are teaching us. We are dedicated to allow our customers to feel safe in the trust instilled upon those of us who choose to bring these individuals, the plants, into our homes. Let us begin!

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