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I was born and raised in Hawaii, the land of the rainbows. A rainbow needs the same elements as the plants do water and light. Being a mom of 3 beautiful girls or Goddesses as I call them and blest by 6 beautiful grandchildren it’s my responsibility to share the knowledge for their sake and all others. My own illness and my family were the catalyst of my research and business. Knowledge is power so my quest was set, sharing the knowledge so that people can make better choices for their own households. There are too many pitfalls in the “natural” market. Like the rainbow this knowledge will bring power and promise to a better future for all.

Being born and raised in Hawaii I gained a unique experience into the flora and fauna of the islands gave me a broad perspective as a healer. I have worked in rescue for animals and people through the Red Cross and animal rescue.

My BA in Anthropology and my minor in multicultural studies have taught me much about humans and how the plants have healed and sustained our species.

I am certified in different Essential Oil aspects. I have been working with the oils for the past 20 years, first with my Reiki and Karuna Ki practice at the master teacher level. I recognized how Reiki energy blended with the oils in a special way.

I am a certified distiller practicing for the last few years. Trained and certified by Jeanne Rose the grand Dame of Aromatherapy, author and authority on Hydrosols and scholar of the plant world,  opened the door for me to co-create this wonderful life elixir with my still Mona Lisa.

Ann Harmon an international teacher of distilling a student and now colleague of Jeanne Rose .  Ann a botanist, herbalist, organic certified farmer and artisan distiller also researches her craft and has inspired me to distill plants forgotten by time as far as creating a distillant to preserve them for health and happiness.  When funding permits, she continues to research the many aspects of the world of hydrosols.

I belong to several organizations like NAHA, Greenpeace, AHA, American Herbalist Guild and different conferences for the betterment of humankind and animals. I believe we can't survive on this planet without considering the damage we do to plants, animals and humans.




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