"We distill the essence of plants to enhance your power, grace and healing."

Aloha and welcome to Capturing the Rainbow Mobile Apothecary.


I chose the rainbow as my shop name because I come from the land of rainbows, Hawaii.  

A rainbow has all the elements that it takes to sustain plants, water and sun.  When one sees a rainbow there is the promise of a new day.  

A rainbow upside down is still a rainbow smile. We capture the rainbow by distilling and blending the plants that provide us with healing and strength so that we may reflect the rainbow.

Heath & Happiness 


Check in often to learn about my distillation process and how to live a joyful life through healthier living.

Holistic Health Consultation

I'm available for workshops and one on one training sessions for herbal health practices.

Apothecary, aromatherapy, distillation and reiki.